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   1、major business :Stainless steel coil (plate), stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel parts and accessories, some imported materials 。
2. Processing factory :Drawing film, 6K, 8K, mirror polishing, yellow black titanium, titanium, rose gold, no fingerprints, etc. various kinds of colored stainless steel plate. The shear and bending processing: cutting, gutter, cut, and other processing. All kinds of specifications: high temperature, corrosion resistance, resistance to sulfuric acid 。

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Stainless steel plate sand blasting process
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Stainless steel plate sand blasting process

Sand painting process: stainless steel plate the invention relates to a process for producing the patterns on the metal surface, in particular to a technology for producing the patterns on stainless steel plate, the process is: to remove dirt on the surfaces of stainless steel plate with alcohol, with a protective film on the stainless steel plate surface cleaned, carving patterns in a stainless steel plate the protection film, with high pressure air flow air compressor will emery for sputtering,

The pattern of coarse, so as to enhance the adhesion, the senior paint color, clear and beautiful patterns, simple manufacturing process, low production cost, easy pattern transformation, suitable for all kinds of stainless steel stainless steel kitchen cabinets and furniture making patterns.


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