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   1、major business :Stainless steel coil (plate), stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel parts and accessories, some imported materials 。
2. Processing factory :Drawing film, 6K, 8K, mirror polishing, yellow black titanium, titanium, rose gold, no fingerprints, etc. various kinds of colored stainless steel plate. The shear and bending processing: cutting, gutter, cut, and other processing. All kinds of specifications: high temperature, corrosion resistance, resistance to sulfuric acid 。

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Stainless steel magnetic
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In general, stainless steel to austenitic, is not magnetic. However, the martensite and ferrite experience a magnetic, but the austenite is also likely to have magnetic properties. The reason has the following two points:

It is a normal phenomenon that the residual 3-8% of the 304 stainless steel is a normal phenomenon, so the austenite should belong to the non magnetic or weak magnetic

Austenitic stainless steel is not magnetic, but after the cold work hardening, the gamma rays will produce a magnetic, and can be used to eliminate the martensite structure and recover its non magnetic properties.


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